Lubeca Fine European Chocolate

Lubeca chocolates are produced in Europe and are available in an easy melt drop form in dark, milk and white chocolate.  Using specially selected cocoa varieties from Ghana, Venezuela, Trinidad, Madagascar and Peru, they are particularly well known for their incredibly smooth mouth feel and high shine, which is achieved by intensively grinding the mass until the solid matter particle size is reduced to around 16 microns (sixteen thousandths of a millimetre).  A lengthy conching process also ensures a very clean and mellow taste, accentuating the quality and flavour characteristics of the cocoa.

Dark Chocolate

Couverture — a chocolate that contains at least 31% cocoa butter

Lubeca produce a wide range of chocolate couvertures suitable for a large variety of applications.  We supply bulk chocolate to some of South Africa’s top bakeries and chocolatieres.

Lubeca’s standard dark chocolate starts with a cocoa solids content of 55%, and is made from cocoa beans from the Ivory Coast. At 60% cocoa solids and higher, Lubeca use high quality cocoa from Ghana.

We also offer a 70% dark couverture, a top quality chocolate with a high cocoa content, made from cocoa from Ghana, Arriba, Venezuela and Trinidad.  It has a gently mouthfeel, distinct finely aromatic chocolate taste and a universal flowing ability.

The highest cocoa content chocolate Lubeca produces is an 85% Ghana, which, whilst having a good rounded chocolate flavour, is very mellow.


Milk Chocolate

Lubeca also make Milk Chocolate in a wide variety. Standard products using a blend of either/or Arriba, Trinidad, Venezuela, Peru and Madagascan cocoa beans. They also have standard products made from only Ghana cocoa beans and Cocoa beans from the Ivory Coast.

  • Cocoa solids range from 35.5% to 43%
  • The range of milk chocolates is topped with a single origin – Rio Caribe 47%, made from the fruity Rio Caribe variety of Venezuelan cocoa beans

White chocolate

One grade of white chocolate is available (33% cocoa solids, 39.5% total fat)



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